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Litigation can be time consuming and expensive.  The only certainty in litigation is that the parties must rely upon the judge or jury to determine the facts and reach a conclusion. Mediation puts control of the case in the hands of the parties.  The mediation process encourages parties to use their best efforts to reach a resolution and avoid the time, expense and uncertainty of trial.  Tony is a strong supporter of mediation and is proud to make mediation part of his practice.  Tony not only acts as a mediator, but has attended numerous mediations representing his clients.

Mediation Services

Wills & Probate


Wills, Power of Attorney

A properly executed will can make things easier for the family when a loved one passes.  Texas has a relatively simple probate system if a proper will is presented for probate.  Absent a will, the process can be more time consuming and difficult.  Also, without a will, the estate may not be distributed as the decedent wanted, especially in a blended family situation.  


There are times when a person needs help because they are unable to make financial or medical decisions on their own. Advance planning can allow a person to appoint people they trust to make financial and medical decisions on their behalf.


Tony regularly helps clients draft simple wills and power of attorney documents to plan for how their estate will be distributed and appoint agents to make decisions for a client if they are unable to make their own financial or medical decisions.

Civil & Commercial


Account Collection, Mechanic's Lien, Easements

Civil and commercial law covers a wide variety of issues.  Tony has experience representing clients in civil litigation and commercial issues.  Tony has worked for several years in the area of commercial account collections.  Tony also regularly works with clients on construction issues, including mechanic’s and materialman’s liens and bond claims.  Additionally, Tony has helped several clients work through property disputes and easement claims.

Family Law


Divorce, Child Support, Custody

Family law cases can include  adoptions, divorce, child support, custody, enforcement, termination and establishment of parental rights, and various other issues involving the family.  Tony has regularly helped clients with a wide variety of family law issues. Family law cases can be very emotional so it is important to hire an attorney who can focus on the legal solutions to the case.

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